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Are you ready to move forward?


Front Foot Coaching is about helping you to get onto the front foot.

The origins of the term 'on the front foot' are thought to have sporting connotations from cricket or boxing, and refers to being in an advantageous position. The description fits with my background in sport and my passion for helping people find their purpose and make progress confidently with direction, clarity and motivation.

What does that actually mean? Well, we move forward one step at a time, with one foot in front of the other.  But crucially, in the right direction!

Being on your front foot is also an attitude. You are prepared, confident, positive, determined, proactive and making it happen. What 'it' is, is down to you. I can't do it for you, but I will work with you to help get you there.


When you are on the front foot, you are ready. Anything is possible.

My Story

For 17 years, I worked in large sports organisations including Sport England and The FA at regional and national levels. Interspersed within that time has been some experience in a local authority and smaller organisations in a variety of senior roles including CEO.

As my career developed, I realised that as well as my passion for sport and football, just as important to me was my passion for seeing and helping people develop and fulfil their potential. So in 2016 I enrolled on The Coaching Academy's Diploma for Personal Performance Coaching, which I gained in 2017.

What underpins and drives my work is a positive can-do

outlook for the future and a desire to make things

better, accelerate potential, and see people thrive

with positivity and confidence.


For the last 7 years, I have been self employed,

experiencing all the pride, joy, insecurity, loneliness,

worry, excitement and ups and downs that working for  yourself can bring. 

Work is only part of the story of course. I am a son, brother, father, partner, and friend. I have been through redundancy and divorce. I've moved areas, bought a house and had to start again. I am now a middle aged man with all the challenges that brings!

What can I help you with?

Coaching is not therapy or mentoring, and I will never give you advice. The right way forward for you can only be determined by you.  

I work side-by-side with my clients on many issues, and what you choose to speak about can be whatever is important to you. It is often the case that one issue links to many others, or the root cause is not the thing we first think it is! Through our conversation, my questions, active listening, and coaching tools and techniques we will have the opportunity and space to uncover everything, bringing you realisations that will lead to change. My coaching is bespoke to your individual needs and no two clients are the same. 

Throughout my career and with my clients a number of key issues seem to arise frequently:


  • Rediscovering your purpose.

  • Understanding what motivates you.

  • Juggling multiple priorities and trying to manage time that marches forever onwards.

  • Developing your business, team or organisation, overcoming difficulties and barriers.

  • Dealing with organisational culture which may include difficult people or those with different values to yours.

  • Having to make seemingly important and impossible decisions at every turn.

  • Feeling the weight of responsibility, doubt, self esteem, expectations and unfulfilled potential.

  • Balancing work life and home life.

  • Specific problems that are affecting your wellbeing.

  • Facing issues in midlife e.g. 40+ which can affect both men and women.

  • Recapturing self confidence and 'mojo' that somewhere along the way has been lost.

  • Feeling that there is more to life. But what?

  • Being exhausted but still with a burning passion to achieve more.

  • Career change.

  • Outplacement support.

  • Thriving, not just surviving!

These are just some of the issues I can help you to work through and overcome, by getting you in a better place, getting you onto the front foot.

If not now, when?


Get in touch with me today, I cannot wait to work with you!



I'm always looking to work with people who want to move forward. Let's connect.


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